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  1. 191 ways to echo hello world on the command line

    Wed 08 February 2017

    It's been about 12 days since the launch of cmdchallenge, a weekend project to create some common command-line tasks that can be done in a single line of bash. One common request has been to share user-submitted solutions. Or to put it another way, you may be wondering what do random people on the internet and hackernews type if you give them some basic command-line tasks and a shell prompt? Well lucky for me this is no longer a mystery!

    Starting off with Challenge #1:

    CMD Challenge #1: print "hello world" at the bash prompt

    There has been a lot of diverse input for such a simple task. I really love how people do weird stuff even when it is totally unnecessary.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    ( for i in h e l l o \  w o r l d ; do echo "$i" |awk -F, ' {print $NR}'; done ) |tr -d \\n; echo
    echo ifmmp xpsme |tr bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyza abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    touch helloworld && echo "hello world" > helloworld && cat helloworld
    sed 's.\.\...;yhHh\hh;ywWw\ww;2,$d' README

    A few things to note that may clarify some of the more interesting submissions:

    • There is a README in each challenge directory, in this case it contains the string "hello world" so some people took advantage of that.
    • The directory itself was named hello world.

    Here are all of the correct submissions for the first challenge as of yesterday:

    a=(d e h l o r w X \");s=(2 1 3 3 4 7 6 4 5 3 0);for i in ${s[@]} ; do echo -n ${a[$i]}|tr X\n ' ' ; done ; echo ""
    ( for i in h e l l o \  w o r l d ; do echo "$i" |awk -F, ' {print $NR}'; done ) |tr -d \\n; echo
    for i in h e l l o; do echo -n $i; done; echo -n " "; for j in w o r l d; do echo -n $j; done
    cat README | head -n 4 | tail -n 1 | awk '{ print $3 " " $4 }' | sed -e 's/\"//g;s/\.//g'
    echo ifmmp xpsme |tr bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyza abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    < README grep hello | tr -d '#' | cut -f3- -d' ' | tr -d '"' | tr -d '.'
    touch helloworld && echo "hello world" > helloworld && cat helloworld
    letters=(h e l l o \  w o r l d); printf '%s' "${letters[@]}"
    touch test.txt ; echo "hello world" > test.txt ; cat test.txt
    grep "hello world" README | sed -E 's/.*(hello world).*/\1/'
    cat README | grep Print | sed -E 's/^.+"([^"]+)".+$/\1/'
    echo "hello world" > ./hiworld.txt && cat ./hiworld.txt
    head -n 1 < README  | sed 's/# //' | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'
    cat $0|cut -d\; -f4;echo ";hello world;" > /dev/null
    touch file && echo "hello world" > file && cat file
    cat README | sed -e 's/.*/hello world/' | head -1
    touch "hello world"; ls *hell*; rm "hello world"
    head -1 README | cut -c3- | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'
    echo "hello world" > hello.txt | cat hello.txt
    awk 'BEGIN {print "hello world"}' < /dev/null
    echo "hello world" > hello.txt; cat hello.txt
    echo "hello world" > testfile; cat testfile
    echo "hello world" > test.txt; cat test.txt
    grep hello README | awk -F\" '{ print $2 }'
    for n in 'hello world' ; do echo ${n}; done
    sed 's.\.\...;yhHh\hh;ywWw\ww;2,$d' README
    echo "hello world" > foo.txt; cat foo.txt
    echo -n "h""e""l""l""o"" ""w""o""r""l""d"
    touch 'hello world' && ls h*| xargs echo
    msg="hello world"; printf '%s\n' "$msg"
    cat README| grep hello | cut -d '"' -f2
    echo " " | awk '{print "hello world"}'
    echo "hello world">hello | tail hello
    awk ' BEGIN { print "hello world" } '
    export HAHA="hello world";echo $HAHA
    echo 'hello world' > henk | cat henk
    echo "hello world" > test & cat test
    awk 'BEGIN { print "hello world"; }'
    echo "$(echo hello)" "$(echo world)"
    perl -e 'printf "%s", "hello world"'
    mkdir "hello world" && ls | tail -1
    awk 'BEGIN { print "hello world" }'
    pwd | cut -d'/' -f4 | sed 's/_/ /g'
    touch "hello world"; ls | grep ello
    printf '%s%s%s%s\n' hel lo\  wor ld
    cat README | grep -o "hello world"
    echo "hello world" | sed 's/b/h/g'
    echo | awk '{print "hello world"}'
    echo "hello world" > tmp; cat tmp
    echo hello world > henk; cat henk
    cat >/dev/stdout <<<"hello world"
    awk 'BEGIN{print "hello world";}'
    awk 'BEGIN{print("hello world")}'
    cat >/dev/stderr <<<"hello world"
    awk 'BEGIN {print "hello world"}'
    echo "hello world">algo;cat algo
    hello="hello world"; echo $hello
    perl -e 'print "hello world\n";'
    GGG="hello world" ; cat <<< $GGG
    echo|awk '{print "hello world"}'
    echo 'hello world' > /dev/stdout
    awk 'BEGIN{print "hello world"}'
    ls .. | grep hel | sed 's/_/ /g'
    printf "%s %s\n" "hello" "world"
    perl -e 'print "hello world\n"'
    echo s | sed 's/s/hello world/'
    echo -n "hello"; echo " world";
    #!/bin/bash\necho "hello world"
    printf -- '%s\n' 'hello world'
    printf '%s %s' 'hello' 'world'
    printf "%s %s" "hello" "world"
    perl -le 'print "hello world"'
    text='hello world'; echo $text
    perl -e 'print "hello world";'
    perl -e "print 'hello world';"
    echo "hello world" > a ; cat a
    echo -n hello ; echo " world"
    perl -e 'print "hello world"'
    perl -e "print 'hello world'"
    STR="hello world"; echo $STR
    perl -E 'say "hello world";'
    grep hello <<< "hello world"
    perl -e'print "hello world"'
    printf "%s\\n" "hello world"
    perl -E 'say q[hello world]'
    touch "hello world"; ls *\ *
    printf '%s %s\n' hello world
    printf "hello world" | cat -
    VAR="hello world";echo $VAR
    cat < <(echo "hello world")
    perl -E 'say "hello world"'
    date|sed s/.*/hello\ world/
    touch 'hello world'; ls he*
    echo  "hello world" | cat -
    printf '%s\n' 'hello world'
    perl -e'print"hello world"'
    printf '%s\n' "hello world"
    printf "%s\n" "hello world"
    printf "hello %s\n" "world"
    printf "%b\n" "hello world"
    echo|sed -n "i hello world"
    touch 'hello world'; ls h*
    echo "hello world" | cat -
    printf %s\\n "hello world"
    printf 'dlrow olleh' | rev
    printf '%s %s' hello world
    true && echo "hello world"
    printf "%s %s" hello world
    i='hello world'; echo $i;
    printf '%s' "hello world"
    cat <<EOF\nhello world\nEOF
    printf -- 'hello world\n'
    cat <(echo "hello world")
    echo `echo "hello world"`
    printf 'hello %s' "world"
    printf "hello %s" "world"
    printf "%s" "hello world"
    printf '%s' 'hello world'
    printf -- "hello world\n"
    echo "dlrow olleh" | rev
    echo 'hello world' | cat
    echo ${PWD##*/}|tr _ ' '
    printf "hello world\013"
    printf '%s ' hello world
    echo "hello world" | cat
    /bin/echo 'hello world'
    /bin/echo "hello world"
    printf %s 'hello world'
    cat - <<< 'hello world'
    echo -e "hello world\n"
    a='hello world';echo $a
    printf -- "hello world"
    printf "hello world" \n
    printf %s "hello world"
    cat - <<< "hello world"
    cat - <<<"hello world"
    printf "hello world\n"
    echo -ne "hello world"
    echo 'hello world'|cat
    printf 'hello world\n'
    echo hello world | cat
    echo """hello world"""
    echo -n  "hello world"
    cat <<< "hello world"
    /bin/echo hello world
    echo -e "hello world"
    printf "hello world";
    echo -n 'hello world'
    echo -e 'hello world'
    echo -n "hello world"
    cat <<< 'hello world'
    echo dlrow olleh|rev
    (echo "hello world")
    cat <<<"hello world"
    echo "hello world" ;
    'echo' 'hello world'
    echo   "hello world"
    printf "hello world"
    echo ''hello world''
    printf 'hello world'
    cat <<<'hello world'
    echo ""hello world""
    echo -n hello world
    echo  "hello world"
    printf hello\ world
    echo 'hello world'\
    echo $"hello world"
    echo 'hello world';
    echo 'hello world '
    echo "hello world "
    echo $'hello world'
    echo  'hello world'
    echo -e hello world
    echo "hello world";
    echo "hello world"\
    echo hello world""
    echo ""hello world
    echo "hello world"
    echo hello\ world;
    echo 'hello world'
    echo hello   world
    'echo' hello world
    echo hello world \
    echo hello' 'world
    echo hello world\
    echo hello world;
    echo hello \world
    echo hello  world
    echo hello\ world
    echo  hello world
    echo hello world

    Of course there are a lot of quoting and space variations here as well. I will make a data-dump available soon with the responses for all challenges.

    On the building and hosting side of things this is getting more than the usual tiny trickle of side-project internet traffic. So far I have tried to contain the entire thing in an AWS free tier account, it has worked out OK so far with a few hiccups here and there. Since several people have asked, I will share more details about how the site is put together in a future post, follow cmdchallenge on twitter or use rss.

  2. cmdchallenge - now with badges

    Tue 07 February 2017

    New badges

    Just returned from an extended weekend of traveling and now finally getting to open questions and issues on the cmdchallenge site. Sorry for the slow responses.

    With a few hours to hack on the front-end I did a quick face-lift and also created some fun badges. Local browser storage is used to store state so unfortunately you will lose your progress from one computer to the next. If people want it I could add logins but it seems like it might be more trouble than it is worth. New challenges are coming in via pull requests (thanks!) and I think I will move the user-contributed ones into their own category soon. If you have more ideas please let me know via twitter or mail.

    Tel Aviv

    Now the back to work and back to cold weather...

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